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Online lectures on the human visual system

posted by Jenny on August 3, 2016

I recently organised a Training School on 3D Displays and the Human Visual System as part of the European Training Network on Full-Parallax Imaging. The Network aims to train up 15 Early Stage Researchers who not only have expertise both … Continue reading


posted by Jenny on April 29, 2016

The Brain Zone advisory committee with Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller (in blue), the chair of the Wellcome Trust board of governors, at the launch of the new exhibition at the Centre for Life.

Eye tracking with small children using a touchscreen

posted by Jenny on April 2, 2016

Back in 2011, my then colleague Dr Catherine O’Hanlon and I carried out a study in which young children gave responses using a touchscreen, while we simultaneously tracked their eye movements. I’ve been asked a few times by other researchers … Continue reading

Featured in National Geographic documentary

posted by Jenny on February 24, 2016

National Geographic featured our work on mantis 3D vision in their recent documentary “Explorer: Eyes Wide Open”. Here’s a clip:

Demo videos from our mantis 3D glasses paper

posted by Jenny on January 20, 2016

We uploaded 6 nice demo videos as Supplementary Material for our Scientific Reports paper. Unfortunately the links are currently broken (I have emailed) and in any case they are provided in a slightly clunky way where you have to download … Continue reading

More insects in specs

posted by Jenny on January 19, 2016

Thanks to AP TV for making this nice video about our mantis 3D glasses, which appeared in the Telegraph.

Crosstalk with insect 3D glasses

posted by Jenny on January 9, 2016

Our first paper on praying mantis 3D vision has just come out in Scientific Reports: Insect stereopsis demonstrated using a 3D insect cinema by Nityananda, Tarawneh, Rosner, Nicolas, Crichton, Read. There’s a press release here. One issue we discuss in … Continue reading

Fire and Light Yule Festival – with added science

posted by Jenny on December 2, 2015

Over the weekend, Kathleen and I, along with Stacey from the Institute of Neuroscience, Gordon Love from Durham University and colleagues from Northumbria University, helped deliver some science activities for the “Fire and Light Yule Festival at North Shields’ Old … Continue reading

Outreach: maths week at Shotton Hall Academy

posted by Paul Hands on October 2, 2015

This week I had an opportunity to speak to some aspiring mathematicians about their future and to ask them to think about maths. Not just to answer the questions, and not to just ask ‘why’ without purpose, but to try … Continue reading

Percentage of variance explained

posted by Jenny on July 24, 2015

I was just looking for a good explanation of this online to point a lab member towards, and I couldn’t find anything suitable, so I thought I’d write something myself. (Since then, this seems pretty good. The idea is … Continue reading

On Converting Pixels to Degrees

posted by Ghaith on July 20, 2015

The Warping Effect In our mantis contrast sensitivity paper ( we used the following formula to calculate the spatial frequency of grating stimuli in cycles per degree (cpd): Where ppx is the grating period in pixels, sr is the screen … Continue reading

Which Windows/Matlab version with Psychophysics Toolbox?

posted by Jenny on June 25, 2015

My colleague Nicholas Port was just asking me about my experience with different versions of Windows & Matlab running Psychophysics Toolbox. I asked my team about their experience, and I thought it might be useful to record their comments here: … Continue reading

Going on an international conference: VSS 2015 in Florida

posted by Paul Hands on June 11, 2015

One of the questions I regularly get asked as a PhD student / research scientist is what it’s like going away on science business to conferences and the like. Well I thought I would share¬†my recent experience with a conference … Continue reading


posted by Jenny on May 29, 2015

Back from the Vision Sciences Society meeting; really enjoyed it as ever. The Readlab team had a productive and fun time. Sid gave a talk about his physiology recordings of V1 neurons in Bruce Cumming’s lab. Zoltan presented a poster … Continue reading

Wise words from Lord Rayleigh

posted by Jenny on April 22, 2015

I’ve just come across the following by Lord Rayleigh, him of the scattering, quoted in The Handbook of Perception and Human Performance: “In science, by a fiction as remarkable as any to be found in law, what has once been … Continue reading

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