NVidia Hardware Grant program

Tesla K40 graphics card

With Zoltan Derzsi, for analysing high-density EEG data


European Training Network

Two PhD studentships at Newcastle

ETN on Full-Parallax Imaging (Co-I)


Health Innovation Challenge Fund

Health Innovation Challenge Fund Award HICF-R8-442 / WT102565

Accurate and patient-friendly measurement of binocular visual function using a 3D mobile device.


Newcastle University Centre for Behaviour and Evolution

Small grant for strategic development in research

Electrophysiology equipment


The Leverhulme Trust

Research Leadership Award RL-2012-019

Man, mantis and machine: the computation of 3D vision



MRes+PhD studentship, co-supervised by Chris Johns at BSkyB

Spatial, temporal and human factors affecting image quality and experience of 3D in television, cinema and gaming.

Student: Paul Hands

Epilepsy Action

PhD studentship, co-supervised by Dr Andrew Trevelyan and Dr Roger Whittaker

Assessing seizure susceptibility using psychophysical tests.

Student: Partow Yazdani


DTC MRes+PhD studentship, co-supervised by Dr Candy Rowe and Dr Claire Rind

An evolutionary arms race in 3D.

Student: Lisa Hindmarsh
2011 – 2012 National Health Service Flexibility and Sustainability Award, with Dr Roger Whittaker, Mr Michael Clarke, Dr Phil Griffiths, Prof Doug Turnbull and Dr Grainne Gorman. Avoiding double vision despite binocular misalignment

£41,396 to support Dr Fredrik Allenmark
2010 EPSRC Holmes Hines Fund Magic Wall public engagement exhibit

£500 contribution
Jul 2010 – Aug 2010 Wellcome Trust Biomedical Vacation Scholarship Psychophysical tests revealing cortical inhibitory mechanisms

£1,440 to support Ms Ayse Djahit.
May 2010 – Sep 2010 National Health Service Flexibility and Sustainability Award, with Mr Michael Clarke and Dr Serrano-Pedraza. Suppression in intermittent exotropia.

£8,000 to support Dr Deborah Buck.
Oct 2010 – Apr 2011 National Health Service Flexibility and Sustainability Award, with Dr Roger Whittaker and Dr Andrew Trevelyan. Psychophysical measures of inhibitory mechanisms.

£18,586 to support Dr Ignacio Serrano-Pedraza.

Medical Research Council

New Investigator Award 80154

Incorporating vertical disparity into computational models of depth perception.


Royal Society

University Research Fellowship UF041260

A quantitative account of neuronal mechanisms supporting stereo depth perception. £606,251

Wellcome Trust

Training Fellowship in Mathematical Biology 051287

Studies on variability and correlation in the central nervous system. £128,985

Particle Physics and Astrophysics Research Council

PhD Studentship

The stability of model disk galaxies.

UK Atomic Energy Authority

Undergraduate Studentship Worked on COMPASS fusion project