In this section, you can click on the purple tabs across the top to find, inter alia, a section dedicated to our Leverhulme project “Man Mantis and Machine”, pictures from the lab, and a detailed account of my stereo psychophysics set-up. If you’re after copies of my papers or conference talks, click the blue Publications tab. If you’re a non-specialist interested in my research, I’ve tried to provide an accessible introduction and overview here. If you’re one of the lovely people who has done an experiment in my lab, there’s a page specially for you here.

My research can be divided into 3 basic areas: “basic science” (pure, curiosity-motivated “how does the brain work” kind of science), “clinically relevant” (research into a particular clinical condition), and “industrially relevant” (research with a clear relevance to industrial or business applications). You can view my publications in each area here. The image below is a bubble diagram summarising my research interests in these three broad areas.


Photo : Ollie measuring Ignacio's stereoacuity with the Frisby testPhoto : Emilia doing psychophysicsPhoto : Fredrik setting up mirror stereoscopePhoto : Graeme checking alignment

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