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  • Photo : Emilia doing psychophysics
  • Mantis on ball
  • Lisa Hindmarsh
  • Photo : Ollie measuring Ignacio's stereoacuity with the Frisby test
  • Sindre Henriksen
  • Yoshifumi
  • Yoshifumi
  • Yoshifumi Yamawaki
  • Immobilised mantis
  • Photo : Fredrik setting up mirror stereoscope
  • Mantis on ball
  • Partow Yazdani
  • Photo : Graeme checking alignment

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  1. Dear Colleagues,

    This message will inevitably be a bit strange as I am in extreme time stress. With great interest I read comments about your research (not the paper itself) about the 3D vision and glasses. I am 20 years involved in the study of cockroaches, mantodeans and termites.

    In the very beginning of the evoution of cockroaches, all taxa possessed two eyes but also an additional set of 3 indistinct ocelli. They are so poor that it take me nearly 30.000 samples to examine to find 3 specimens (Central ocellus of extinct cockroaches – I can send pdf). From that time, numerous cockroaches from dinosaur-age amber are clearly visible to have 3 additional eyes such as Eadia (in direct lineage to mantodeans) or Nula (extinct Blattulidae). Nevertheless, these additional (not main) eyes are never such distinct as in mantodeans, their Jurassic descendants. Later the third, central ocellus completely reduced in all living cockroaches and termites (and also in other extinct predatory cockroaches). In mantodeans it remained. So the question is what is the function of this central ocellus (beacause laterals additional eyes did not reduced). The answer is that the only difference is the predatory way of life, which occur in other exctinct cockroach lineages, but the uniqueness is the ambush strategy (extinct predatory cockraoches were pursuit). I have publish this in 2002, the paper is in pdf – I can deposit it somewhere if you are interested.

    So examining 3D vision in mantodeans and differece in respect to their ancestors is only the central additional eye, which must be conisdered priority in 3D vision. Or it is alternatively used in recognition of own position which pursuit predators do not need.

    I hope this information helps.

    Cordially Peter

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