Back from the Vision Sciences Society meeting; really enjoyed it as ever. The Readlab team had a productive and fun time.

Sid gave a talk about his physiology recordings of V1 neurons in Bruce Cumming’s lab. Zoltan presented a poster about his work using temporal-frequency tagging with disparity in EEG, and Paul gave a poster about how disparity cues influence our perception of size. I gave a poster about ongoing attempts in the lab to decide whether praying mantis vision has distinct spatial frequency channels, a problem which has been engaging lab members Ghaith, Vivek and Lisa as well as long-term collaborator Ignacio Serrano-Pedraza. Ignacio gave a talk about how patching one eye for as little as 2 hrs can result in significant changes in surround suppression, work in collaboration with Holly Bridge down in Oxford.

Sid Henriksen

Zoltan Derzsi

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