Crosstalk with insect 3D glasses

Our first paper on praying mantis 3D vision has just come out in Scientific Reports: Insect stereopsis demonstrated using a 3D insect cinema by Nityananda, Tarawneh, Rosner, Nicolas, Crichton, Read. There’s a press release here.

One issue we discuss in the paper is>the problem of crosstalk. This was why we ended up using our anaglyph (green/blue) 3D glasses after having initially explored circularly-polarising glasses.
Here are two videos we prepared to illustrate the crosstalk experienced with the two systems.

The first video shows how bad the crosstalk is with a patterned-retarder display, which separates the images by circular polarisation. Crosstalk is very viewing-angle dependent in these displays, and we think that because the mantises are so close to the screen, they are sometimes seeing the target at very oblique angles, and this is why they get so much crosstalk.

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In contrast, anaglyph glasses, which separate the images by spectral wavelength, show very low crosstalk regardless of viewing angle. We think this is why they work so much better, as we demonstrate in the paper.

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