My dream team

I was just reflecting how awesome my four postdocs are, and thought that rather than keeping such thoughts to myself, I should write a blog post and show them some appreciation.
Ghaith, Vivek, Ronny, Kathleen (named in order of when they joined the lab!) are all awesome — so smart and independent. It’s a breeze being PI of this bunch! The only problem is that they do make me feel rather inadequate as I look back and realise how totally clueless I was at the corresponding points in my own career :). When I was recruiting the three postdocs for the M3 project, I remember shortlisting these three and telling colleagues “If they all accept, I really will have my dream team.” Well, they did, and later on Kathleen joined us for ASTEROID. I really am one lucky PI and all I can say is, I do realise the fact.

Ronny Rosner
Kathleen 1

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