Zoltan’s diary: Wednesday 27/02/2013

Some more results were acquired today. It turned out that the full test can be done in only 45 minutes, comfortably. Since the problems in the experimental design have been eliminated, I think I now get the unbiased, unskewed , ‘unweird’ results. This is good, because it will give me some space from those imaginary (very real) hostile reviewers. And I have fixed datapoints, parametric zones, nicely organised into a giant table. Can tell which of the 16 types of tests were done to get particular results just by looking at the raw data.

I am saving everything twice per task, so I will still have some usable data if there is a blackout or matlab decides to crash. I have my own file format, I have my own escape characters and result processing method.

Tomorrow, I will persuade more people to do tests and make a script to generate some nice graphs… unless if something happens.

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