Zoltan’s diary: Thursday 28/02/2013

I got more data. Loads more. thankfully, they all seem to make sense, and I can see the difference from person to person and can tell how precise/careless the person was.

Now, it comes to processing. I got some emails from Jenny regarding processing and stats. Most of the stuff in it is interesting, and was largely corresponding to my ideas of processing. I spent most of tonight in the lab, and was busy processing data.

I am making an almost-fully-automatic data loader, sorter and visualiser. It now loads all files from a directory, does the mandatories (Mean, SD, etc.) and does some plots. I am working from low-level data files, as I find them the most reliable and independent. Just need to do a little bit more number crunching. I am using my parameter array as a look-up table, so it seems that everything is flexible. Good times.

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