Zoltan’s diary: Friday 01/03/2013

Having worked yesterday for so long, it’s quite frustrating to realise you are very close but you can’t finish because of time. Quality is more important than quantity though.

I got my processing script finished. I only checked it twice, but it seems that it works: Loads all data, processes all data, and displays a bunch of nicely refined graphs telling me what the crack is.

The design is adaptive, so I can vary the number of data points, the amount of files to be loaded, and I have access to interim stages in processing. So, if I made a mistake somewhere, I will have at least a hunch on where things might went wrong. Modularity above all. I think I will use this script pretty often in the future, so I better document it in many places. Okay, I know I usually over-comment code anyway, but finding out what my code does years later is more annoying.

I had so many volunteers for my experiment that I ran out of chocolate. Need to obtain more chocolate.

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