Zoltan’s diary: Monday 25/02/2013

The first part of today went with the remainder of Modules 1-3. Aurélie Thomas was really patient with me, and I passed the assessment afterwards. Primate practicals tomorrow.

Then, I had the meeting with Jenny. Unfortunately she verified that there was a potential flaw in my experimental design. Not a big one, but I don’t want to have my work ruined by a ‘hostile reviewer’ in the future, so I better cover it up now.
Did some more paperwork, and logged everything I could find in the book in chronological order. Tomorrow will be a long day, as I will clean up my function and will implement the changes.

Also, the test parameters can’t be just random. I need to have it using certain logarithm-based, increasingly-stepped levels that focus on problematic areas. This will enable me to have the same number of experiments with every parameter type (array), and will be able to randomise from that, using pointers. This way, I manage to get the best of both worlds. Kinda.

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