Zoltan’s diary: Friday 22/02/2013

The moral of this day was to realise that how hard it is to obtain reliable data. The worst thing you could do is to have a minimal amount of data, and make conclusions going too far from them.

Valuable lesson. I will harass more people to have enough pilot data. I think I will have to re-design the test, as there are some interesting regions that need more attention.

2 thoughts on “Zoltan’s diary: Friday 22/02/2013

  1. Oh dear – sounds slightly frustrating! I was actually impressed by how accurately people (well you & Lisa) were able to adjust the luminance, based on the reproducibility of the results. Is that not holding up?

  2. It is, but I kinda was referring to the xls sheet and the matlab figures.
    And yes, it holds up very well with respect to phase. However, the theory for the gradient of the regression line can go to the bin!

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