Slow and Steady wins the race.

I have spent the entire week battling with OpenGL. OpenGL is a graphics program that is supposed to make life easier for you by doing much of the hard calculations to project an object correctly onto the screen. Unfortunately this is the exact opposite of what it is I want to do, as I’m doing oblique angles instead of frontoparallel (straight on). The advantage that OpenGL has however is that it is very good with figuring out what should be able to be seen at any one moment. So in this program the back of my cubes aren’t visible when they shouldn’t be, which is exactly why we opted to use openGL for phase 2. Unfortunately I now need to reassess how to work out the oblique warping all over again. Fortunately I intend to use previous thinking as a ‘roadmap’ to avoid any of the pitfalls I suffered before.

I now have 7 weeks until the project is supposed to be finished. If I can get the cubes working in the next two weeks I’ll have more than enough time to run through some volunteers and collect some results. How do I know I have 7 weeks left? My wedding is the Saturday after the project is done. Which is altogether much more scary than science!

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