Data collection

This week I have been working very hard at data collection. Getting the cubes (which we managed to get correctly aligned last week) into a workable experiment program took some debugging but we got it sorted shortly after the Leicester conference. Since then 9 participants have come in to take part in the experiment and the data so far looks good. The conference in Leicester went very well. I was well received, the audience seemed engaged and asked questions and a coulpe of neuroscientists in the crowd caught up with me later to bash heads on ideas that I may/could use for my PhD. Jenny has asked me to start thinking about what it is that I wish to look at and I have a few ideas, most of them relating to comfort (and therefore discomfort) while watching 3D TV. The program on the laptop was a huge hit and everybody wanted to have a go!

My deadline for the dissertation and presentation/poster/abstract are beginning to get closer so the next few weeks I will be working on statistically analysing my data, organising my work and writing it up. I am presenting for the behaviour staff next Thursday and that will be my most pressing subject to handle over the weekend.

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