Week 5 already??

The time flies when you’re having fun! (and lots of work!)

Keeping comfortably on top of my work and finding every lecture informative and interesting in it’s own way. A lot of the stuff I am learning now is completely new to me, so while I am still playing catch up I find it all very illuminating, particularly the last two weeks talks on the retina, which tied very nicely into seminars on bionic eyes and eye tracking technology. I have been a little remiss on my statistics (it’s just a bit mundane at the moment) but I am going to set that right this week. I have finished and handed in my first assignment (unassessed with behaviour) and have my fingers crossed the first report I have written for next to 6 years is going to be well received. Starting to wonder about what to do a presentation on in sensory systems and I might try to work it around either the retina or possibly even binocular viewing and the paper “why pictures look good” if I can wrangle it!

Personally the weekend had it’s ups and downs, went shopping in Ikea for furniture! and hopefully we’ll be getting the house on wed. I got a new tattoo on the saturday because my rugby game was off, which stung quite a bit I might say!

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