A trip to Leeds

The rest of the week will be very different. Yesterday, Parto and I and one of her other supervisors, Andrew Trevelyan, travelled down to her funder, Epilepsy Action. We had an interesting morning undergoing epilepsy awareness training, and then met various staff members and learnt more about the work of Epilepsy Action. It was an interesting and informative day, and I hope Parto’s project will prove successful and help make a difference to people with the condition.

The trip also had the beneficial side-effect of demonstrating to Parto the fallibility of at least one of her supervisors, as I confidently bustled her on to completely the wrong train at Newcastle. Fortunately it was going south, so we just had to hop off at Durham ten minutes down the line and onto our train when it came past shortly thereafter. I did notice that Parto was checking every train & platform for herself after that — a very wise move!

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