Welcome to the world of post grad :)

My first few weeks of my MRes have been fantastic! I’m enjoying all of my modules so far and they all stand out for different reasons. The Animal behaviour module involves a lot of interactive learning, discussions and debates which keeps the brain ticking through the lectures. My sensory systems (possibly my favourite so far) is looking at physiological mechanisms which I love! I can’t get enough of learning how proteins/receptors interact with ligands etc setting up biological systems, it’s amazing! Bioinformatics is proving a bit challenging at the moment. It is very interesting and I can’t wait to get to the part where we are analysing data, however the theory is requiring a little more background reading than the other modules. As for Statistics I agree with Paul, at the moment it is very basic. I’m hoping it will step up a gear soon and solve all of my statistical problems I have experienced in undergrad. Anyway I must get on with my first assignment for Bioinformatics, wish me luck 🙂