Week three and still very new!

‘Straight into the deep end’ is how I think I’ll remember my first few weeks at postgrad level! Lots of new things to learn and research quickly, none of the namby-pamby spoonfeeding you got at undergrad here! Spent last week learning about the olfactory and gustation systems in Sensory systems, very interesting. I also read up on some journal articles regarding 3D and I’m pleased to report I’ve started to ‘get’ it a lot easier! I’m beginning to ask questions myself, which in the long run is what all the research stuff is about isn’t it? So very good. In neurological disorders we continued a detailed lecture and talk on the structure of neurons and how synapses can be passed chemically or electrically. Similar to A level biology but a bit more now, which is good! Finally in animal┬ábehaviour I constructed a model for the singing time of a generic species of bird, based on very basic assumptions, and then used a bit of differentiation to find the optimal singing time. Other than that (!) it’s been a steady week. Lots of writing up and individual reading, which was unheard of for me at undergrad level. On a personal footnote I had a busy week! Went to see Taken 2 at the cinemas (would certainly recommend) and played 3 games of 5-a-side (2 wins one defeat) and we lost yet another rugby game, due to people not turning up on the day, bit of a bummer, and somebody decided to stamp on my face (I had a small stud shaped bruise on my forehead all day Sunday and Monday!) but a good weekend nonetheless. Next week I am going to continue with my lectures (Stroke in neurological disorders, more modelling in behaviour and another double sensory systems lecture) and I am going to start thinking more seriously about my research question.

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