Checking the interocular cross-talk on the Virtalis system

Measurements taken by Claire Brash and Gloria Young, 13th August 2010.

All measurements are in candela/metre-squared with a Minolta LS-100 photometer.


3D glasses

These values were taken using the 3D glasses worn in the experiments. The values in successive rows show results taken through two different lenses, thus include variation in the individual lenses as well as repeated-measures variability.

Left Lens Right Lens
Left BLACK Right BLACK 0.207 0.184
Left BLACK Right BLACK 0.229 0.147
Left WHITE Right WHITE 19.30 13.44
Left WHITE Right WHITE 19.91 15.41
Left BLACK Right WHITE 0.396 15.08
Left BLACK Right WHITE 0.408 15.25
Left WHITE Right BLACK 0.476 13.67
Left WHITE Right BLACK 0.448 18.96
Left Lens Right Lens
Left OFF Right WHITE 0.263 16.48
Left OFF Right WHITE 0.238 13.61
Left WHITE Right OFF 19.61 0.367
Left WHITE Right OFF 19.71 0.225

This suggests that cross-talk from right to left is (0.263+0.238)/(16.48+13.61) = 1.7%, while cross-talk from left to right is (0.225+0.367)/(19.61+19.71) = 1.5%.

This is slightly higher than the value measured previously when WHITE was a higher luminance value (due to different settings on the projector). However, this may just reflect the photometer’s inability to measure low luminances accurately.