Errata for O’Keefe et al 2022

“A computational model of stereoscopic prey capture in praying mantises”
There was an error in the code used to generate Figure 11. The model results are plotted correctly, but one empirical data-point is wrong. In all three panels, the mean strike rate for targets of size 16.88 deg at a distance of 3.75cm should be 0.26, as shown in Table 3 of the paper. However, due to a mistake in the plotting code, it is drawn at 0.41 in the published paper (peak of the dashed turquoise line in each panel).

The figures below show the correct empirical data (i.e. point at 16.88deg, 3.75cm is plotted correctly at 0.26).

For horizontal motion:

For vertical motion:

The error has been corrected in the publicly available code here.