Eye-tracking User Group

Here in the Institute of Neuroscience and elsewhere in Newcastle, we have several people who use various technologies to track subjects’ eye movements during experiments. The Eye-Tracking User Group exists to share expertise in this sometimes fiddly area, make it easier for researchers new to eye-tracking to get started, and to share information and experience on the various eye-tracking systems available. Members of the group (below) can send an email to all other members by using the list address eyetrack@ncl.ac.uk. Messages sent to the list will be archived at https://lists.ncl.ac.uk/wws/arc/eyetrack (only viewable by members). New members can subscribe to the list at https://lists.ncl.ac.uk/wws/info/eyetrack.

Fragments of the Matlab code I wrote to control the SMI RED50 eyetracker, shown below, are available here, not in a very helpful or well-documented state I freely admit.


  • Jason Connolly
  • Freya Copley-Mills
  • Patrick Degenaar
  • Caroline Floccia, Plymouth University
  • Paul Hands
  • Dave Hunter
  • Domhnall Jennings
  • Emma Kirkpatrick
  • Richard Lilley, Tracksys
  • Lucas Nunes Vieira
  • Catherine O’Hanlon, Aberystwyth University
  • Chris Petkov
  • Jenny Read
  • Debbie Riby
  • Yoav Tadmor
  • Quoc Vuong


Eye-tracking systems used locally

Manufacturer Model Users Species MRI Head-mounted Remote-mounted Head restrained Binocular
Arrington 220Hz, USB type Chris Petkov Human, NHP X X X X?
ASL pan/tilt Yoav Tadmor, Jenny Read Human X
ASL mobile Yoav Tadmor Human X
ASL Long Range Optics Monocular Jason Connolly, Quoc Vuong Human X X X
CRS 50Hz Yoav Tadmor, Quoc Vuong Human X
SMI RED50 Catherine O’Hanlon, Jenny Read Human X X
SMI semi-in-house Dave Hunter NHP X X X X?
SR Eyelink 1000 Neil Archibald Human X X Either

Eye-tracking facilities at CARU: The Clinical Ageing Research Unit on the Campus for Ageing and Vitality, Newcastle General Hospital

CARU has:

  1. Dedicated room for visual assessment with blackout blinds and floor to ceiling curtains
  2. Visual acuity testing hardware/software of various shapes and sizes
  3. Slit lamp for ophthalmological examination
  4. SR Eyelink 1000 desktop mounted remote eye tracker for use either with a fixed chin on a headrest or free viewing situations

Contact: Neil Archibald.