Equipment in my lab

I’ve been fortunate in being able to borrow expensive equipment like an oscilloscope and photometer from helpful colleagues. 

When What Where Details/Quantity How much (£) Why
2005 Matrix 2500 SXGA LCD projectors Christie 2 2950 to project experimental stimuli
2005 2.0-2.6:1 zoom lenses Christie 2 2150 to project experimental stimuli
2005 PC Dell Precision workstation 670 with two Xeon 3.2GHz processors and 3Gb RAM, running MS Windows XP x64. 2525 both to run neuronal simulations, and to display experimental stimuli (ultimately I hope to have separate computers for each of these tasks)
2005 graphics card Dell NVidia Quadro NVS 280, PCI-Express interface, dual output came with Dell PC to drive the two projectors
2005 graphics card Dell NVidia GeForce 6200 128Mb, PCI interface, single output 45 to use as display interface with computer
2005 optics equipment Elliot Scientific 2 glass linear polarising filters, both mounted in lens mounts and posts, one in a rotary mount, plus an optics breadboard 400 to carry out accurate measurements of polarisation
2005 ST-Prof-DC black-tinted rear projection screen Screen-Tech 1m x 80cm x 3mm 290 to display the stereo images on
2005 4 plastic linear polarisation filters Screen-Tech 4, each 20cm x 20cm x 0.8mm 280 to separate the two images
2005 cardboard passive stereo glasses Screen-Tech 50 31 for informal viewing and checking
2005 used shelving Used Storage Systems 8 5-foot uprights, 4 1m x 60cm shelves 30 to put the projectors on
2005 DMS to dual DVI cable Stuff-UK 1 30 to connect the dual-head graphics card to the projectors’ DVI inputs
2005 retort stands and clamps Nicholl 2 bases, 4 bossheads, 4 clamps 100 generally holding photometer heads, light sensors, screen samples etc in place
2005 VGA-5BNC cables Maplin 2 40 connecting graphics card output to oscilloscope
2005 oscilloscope probe Maplin 1 20 monitoring voltage across photodiode as a crude lightsensor
2006 UHCOTech HeadSpot headrest UHCOTech 1 250 support observer’s head in a stationary position during experiments
2007 Leica Disto A3 laser distance meter LaserLevel 1 200 accurate measurement of distances
2007 laser digi-angle measure LaserLevel 1 190 accurate measurement of angles
2007 Laserliner Autocross Laser2 marker and mini crank tripod LaserLevel 4 of each 670 to project a crosses onto the screen (automatically aligned with gravity), thus providing vertical and horizontal references for accurately aligning images.
2007 Dell Poweredge 840 servers Dell 2, each with 4 processors and 4Gb RAM 2600 simulation machines
2007 Dell Poweredge sc440 server Dell 1 2600 lab fileserver
2008 Stereo projection system Virtalis 2 F20 sx+ DLP Projection Design projectors, 2 polarising filters, Stewart Filmscreen 150 screen 2.7m wide x 2m high, installation 18000 for stereo experiments where I want a wide field of view, and/or because the subjects would find using a mirror stereoscope harder than 3D glasses.
2009 big chunky coloured AbleNet switches plus interface boxes Inclusive Technology 8 switches, 2 interfaces 328 for psychophysics experiments with small children
2009 mirror stereoscope Elliot Scientific 2 mirrors, 2 beamsplitters, 4 holders etc 350 for stereo experiments where I want the pixels to be as small as possible
2010 touchscreen telboy1505 on ebay 15 Inch Touchscreen LCD Monitor with VGA, Model CVJU-E38 170 for small children to indicate their responses
2010 DATAPixx VPixx Technologies DATAPixx lite video display system 1045 to obtain 16-bit control of contrast
2010 RESPONSEPixx VPixx Technologies RESPONSEPixx 5-button response box 515 to record subject responses with micro-second precision and be able to light up buttons to give cues